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Making Friends with Money

Picture of Making Friends with Money

By Sanni Kruger

Making Friends with Money is the definitive guide to confident and skilled money management. Readers learn how to determine spending priorities and categorise these in a cashflow plan. They receive detailed guidance how to manage inflows and outflows, how to compare this with planned expenditure and how to identify areas where spending may need to be adjusted.

Readers discover why these are essential prerequisites to achieve clarity over their income and expenditure and for learning to live well within their means and watch these means expand. As their cashflow plan develops it gives them greater clarity on finances and brings more choice, which results in a growing sense of prosperity: Clarity = Choice = Prosperity.

This book, a self-help guide to how to start feeling wealthy without waiting till you're rich, is available in several published formats:

The price and the graphics included varies, depending on the version. See Sanni Kruger's website for details. You can read a more extensive review by Michael MacMahon, author of “Back to The Black”, on his blog at