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an international network of Quaker booksellers - authors - publishers concerned with the ministry of the written word


What Is QUIP?

Quakers Uniting in Publications, begun informally in 1983 by a small group of Quaker publishers and booksellers, is now an international network of over 50 Friends organizations and individuals concerned with the ministry of the written word. Members work together to achieve common goals:
• accessible centers for the distribution of Quaker publications
• a website listing of all Quaker publications currently available
• cooperative publishing to provide needed, good books at lower prices
• forum for the exchange of editorial concerns
• education of members in the conduct of sound and ethical business
• increased awareness of Quaker publications in the broader religious book market
• annual meetings for education, business, and encouragement of faith in worship.

Member Benefits

QUIP members receive:
• the QUIP newsletter twice a year
• preferential listing on the QUIP website
• listing as a Quaker publisher
• continuing educational information on marketing, publishing, distributing, and writing
• networking opportunities.

Member Responsibilities

QUIP is a cooperative organization where members participate in the work and worship of the group, as led and able. This can include serving on standing committees, project committees and program planning committees for conferences and annual meetings.


Friends agreed at 2015 Annual meeting to take a leap of faith. In place of a specified dues/subscriptions structure, we ask that you give what you’re led and able to give in a spirit of generosity and abundance. As a guideline, if the present budget were apportioned equally, each member would have to pay about $40(£32) per year. If we want to move forward more would be helpful. We hope that this will encourage more Friends to join, enriching the organization and that Friends and Friends organizations that are able will give more.

Please consider contributing funds when joining or renewing QUIP membership so that underserved Friends can become involved with QUIP.


  • Apply on-line (This is the best way to assure your contact information is entered and updated.)
  • Apply by mail (Print and send form to address at the bottom of form.)