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an international network of Quaker booksellers - authors - publishers concerned with the ministry of the written word

Welcome to Quip

Quakers uniting in the ministry of the written word through:

  • Promotion of Quaker books, journals, blogs, and other media
  • Support of Quaker authors, editors, publishers, booksellers, desktop and website publishers
  • Annual conferences to share perspectives, skills, concerns, and our faith tradition
  • Education about sound, ethical and effective business practices
  • Cooperative marketing and publishing
  • Assistance to Friends publishing in less affluent areas including Africa and Latin America.

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2017 QUIP Annual Conference

Are Quakers Still Publishers of Truth?


9-12 March 2017 at Penn Center Circle West, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920 USA

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Please register by 20 February 2017 to assure we can accommodate the needs of all those who attend. All fees are due at the time of registration.

To check fees please go to 2017 Annual Conference Fees. For questions please contact the registrar at

(If registering online is not possible, contact the registrar at )

Friends meet at 2015 QUIP at Woodbrooke

2016 European QUIP

26th May 2016 from 10 till 4pm
Westminster Quaker Meeting House, 52 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N

This is the first meeting of the European branch of Quakers Uniting in Publications (EUQUIP). A day conference to bring together Friends from the UK and mainland Europe who are involved in the printed word, as an author, editor or publisher, including bloggers. It's an opportunity to share experience and explore the possibilities of working together.

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2016 EUQUIP Programme

2015 QUIP Annual Conference


23-26 April 2015 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham, UK

QUIP met at Woodbrooke Quaker Conference Center in Birmingham, England, on April 23-26, 2015. Some 34 attended some or all of the plenary talks, workshops and business sessions. Attenders this year included authors, poets, bloggers, publishers of books, journals, ebooks, and other media including video. read more...

~ read more about the conference at Stasa Morgan-Appel's blog and see lots more photos on the QUIP Facebook page and group


  • Celebrating Sally Rickerman

    Enjoy some photos and a list of Sally's accomplishments here. Learn about the Sally Rickerman Memorial Fund.

  • ~ 2014 QUIP Annual Conference ~ Publishing the Word in a Changing Landscape: Tools & Techniques Annual Conference Report by Sherryll Harris
    Timeline: 30 Years of QUIP prepared to share at the conference.
    Value of Quaker Religious Thought and Quaker Theological Discussion Group talk given by T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

  • A Friendly Reading List


    Friends will find this weighted compilation of about 1,000 current Quaker titles surveyed and ranked by Friendly Librarians according to an individual’s experience with Quaker Meetings very helpful in choosing publications for use in the meeting. To view and download current versions of the list in PDF form go to: A Friendly Reading List

  • ~ 2013 Annual Conference ~ Connecting our Quaker Legacy to the Future Annual Meeting Report by Sarah Hoggatt
    Timeline: 30 Years of QUIP prepared to share at the conference.
    Value of Quaker Religious Thought and Quaker Theological Discussion Group talk given by T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

  • Promoting Quaker Books

    Here are two views on promoting Quaker books presented at the 2012 QUIP Annual Conference: Advices on the Promotion of Quaker Books by Christopher Densmore, Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
    Notes on Promoting Publications by Liz Yeats, Administrative Facilitator of QUIP

  • William Sessions, prominent British Quaker publisher and founding member of QUIP, died recently at age 97. A great supporter of QUIP, Bill was prominent in the British world of publishing. Read more about Bill Sessions in the York Press.

  • ~ 2012 Annual Meeting ~ ON AND BEYOND THE PAGE ~
    Annual Meeting Report by Sherryll Harris

  • 1900 Letter About Diversity Among Friends Read at 2012 Annual Meeting
    Charles Martin, Co-Clerk, welcomed Friends by reading a quote from a letter written to the Friends Intelligencer by his great-great grandfather William Burgess which illustrated that Friends from differing theological viewpoints can get along and worship together and also work together for peace and social justice. He pointed out that QUIP is a contemporary example of what William Burgess reported to Eastern Friends was happening in San Francisco in 1900. Here's the letter: William Burgess Letter

  • QUIP Facebook Page and Twitter Active
    Friends are communicating more often on social media all the time. We now have a QUIP Facebook Group Page and twitter tag @QuakerQuip. Let us know what you are thinking...

  • New Quaker Web Publications
    Friends World Committee has launched a wonderful new on line publication at Voices of Friends which "aims to feed the soul of those who feel an affinity to the beliefs and practices of Quakers and to provide an entry point to understanding Quakerism today in all its diversity". Be sure to take a look. Also, several Friends have developed a website for Quaker writings in Spanish. Raices Cuaqueras – Heredad De Textos lists most of the texts recently translated from English to Spanish including writings of Fox, Pennington, Fell, Barclay and Woolman.

  • QUIP Considers: Future Quaker Book Publishing ~ read the article and join the discussion by posting a comment.
    Older articles can be found at Whence Quaker Publishing? - read articles and comment on the future of Quaker publishing.

  • group picture Report from 2011 QUIP QUAKER WRITERS' CONFERENCE • NO FRIEND IS AN ISLAND • Quakers exploring connections through writing and publishing
    The Woodbrooke, UK, conference concluded 2 May 2011. Read the conference summary by Chel Avery. (also see Vanessa Julye's blog about the conference)

  • New International Quaker On-Line Journal: QuakerVoice
    QUIP Clerks received an email from Friends in Australia saying that the Australian Friend is developing an online version in which they hope to feature "writers who will reflect on events in their country from a Quaker perspective". Read Invitation to Write for QuakerVoice On-line for more information.

  • Visit the New Spirit Rising Web Pages
    Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices, is available from Quaker Bookstores or by post from QuakerBooks,

  • WHY JOIN QUIP? Read what Friends Vanessa Julye, Phildalephia, PA, USA and Harriet Hart, London, UK say about attending QUIP Annual Meetings in The Ministry of Words in The Friend.

  • PROMOTE NEW TITLES - use this guide to send information about new Quaker related publications for posting on the website and in the Books-In-Print Database. You must be a QUIP member to list titles on the website. All Quaker related titles will be listed in the Books-In-Print Database.

  • QUIP FACEBOOK Page - to join the conversation, put "QUIP" into the FACEBOOK search.


QUIP Clerks

  • Co-Clerk: Vanessa Julye, 643 Westview Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119 USA (contact)
  • Co-Clerk: Jennifer Kavanagh, 44 Langham St, London W1W 7AU, UK (contact)
  • Recording Clerk: Nancy Haines, 181 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 USA
  • Treasurer: Gabe Ehri, c/o FJ, 1216 Arch Street, 2A, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
  • Assistant Treasurer: Chris Skidmore, 46 Princes Dr, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1HL UK
  • Promotions Clerk: Rausie Hobson

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